Where to Donate Blood


Bangladesh  Bangladesh Red Crescent Society 

Bhutan Medical and Health Council 



Indonesia MARKAS PUSAT PALANG MERAH INDONESIA (No Donation Site Info) Telp. +62 021 7992325 Faks. +62 021 7995188  Email: pmi@pmi.or.id

Japan Japanese Red Cross Society

Laos Lao Red Cross

Malaysia (Capital)  PUSAT DARAH NEGARA 

Malaysia (Sabah)  Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2

Malaysia (Sarawak) Hospital Umum Sarawak

Myanmar  National Blood Center   Blood Stock Level  On-line Appointment

Nepal  Nepal Red Cross

Philippines Philippine Red Cross

Singapore Singapore Health Science Authority Blood Services     Blood Stock Level  

South Korea Korean Red Cross Blood Service    Blood Stock Level  

Taiwan Taiwan Blood Services Foundation    Blood Stock Level 

Thailand Thai Red Cross


Australia  Australian Red Cross  On-line Appointment

New Zealand  New Zealand Blood Service  On-line Appointment


Austria  Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz

Belgium  Service du Sang de la Croix-Rouge de Belgique

Belgium  Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen


Denmark Om Bloddonorerne i Danmark

Estonia  Regionaal Haigla VEREKESKUS   Blood Stock Level

Estonia  Sihtasutus Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum Verekeskus    Blood Stock Level

Finland  Finnish Red Cross Blood Service   Blood Stock Level 


Germany  DRK-Blutspendedienste

Hungary  Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service   Blood Stock Level

Iceland  Blóðbankinn   Blood Stock Level

Ireland Irish Blood Transfusion Service    Blood Stock Level

Italy  Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue

Latvia  Valsts asinsdonoru centrs   Blood Stock Level

Lithuania VšĮ Nacionalinis kraujo centras   Blood Stock Level

Luxembourg  Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise

Malta  National Blood Transfusion

Norway GI BLOD


Portugal  Instituto Português do Sangue e da Transplantação


Serbia Institut za transfuziju krvi Srbije

Slovenia  Zavod Republike Slovenije za transfuzijsko medicino  Blood Stock Level

Spain  Centro de Donación de Sangre de Cruz Roja



The Netherlands  Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation

Turkey  Türk Kızılayı

UK *Caution*

Scotland  The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service    Blood Stock Level   On-line Appointment

Wales  Welsh Blood Service     Blood Stock Level 

Northern Ireland  Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service

England*  NHSBT  On-line Appointment

*Caution – unlike other 3 sites from UK above, this web site does not indicate “England” but it only works for England at the moment (Oct 2016). If you are in Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland and type your city name in this website, you will be directed to nearest donation centre in England. For example, if type “Dumfries” (Scotland), this website will direct you to Carlisle (England), Maryport(England), or Longtown (England), but there is a donation centre by SNBTS in Dumfries. If you type “Newport” (Wales), you will be directed to Clevedon (England), but there are several donation centres by WBS in Newport. The same issue is observed with Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service website and Welsh Blood Service. If you type Carlisle (England), you will be directed to Annan (Scotland). You, however, at least know why this is happening as the websites are clearly stating “Scottish” and “Welsh.”


מד”א | מגן דוד אדום ישראל





Saudi Arabia

UAE (Dubai)  Dubai Health Authority

UAE (Abu Dhabi)  Sheikh Khalifa Medical City



Canada  Canadian Blood Services     Blood Stock Level

Canada (Québec)  Héma-Québec

USA  American Red Cross


Argentina  Ministerio de Salud | Dirección de Sangre y Hemoderivados

Brazil  FUNDAÇÃO PRÓ-SANGUE  Blood Stock Level


Columbia  La Sociedad Nacional de la Cruz Roja Colombiana

Costa Rica

Ecuador Cruz Roja Ecuatriana

El Salvador Centro de Sangre | Cruz Roja Salvadoreña Blood Stock Level




Panama Panama Bancos Sangre



Uruguay Servicio Nacional de Sangre


Egypt Egyptian Red Crescent

Malawi Malawi Blood Transfusion Service

South Africa Western Province Blood Transfusion Service   Blood Stock Level

South Africa South African National Blood Service (SANBS)

South Sudan

Country Name not showing on the list: It means we have not searched info for that country yet.

Country Name showing on the list without any website links: It means we are struggling to identify the website of the government authorized organization with proper donation center location information for that country.

Country Name showing on the list with Donation Centre Location but without Blood Stock Level: It means we are struggling to find the website with blood stock level information for that country.

If you live in one of those countries, please help us with finding the website in your country with information of:

(1) Blood Donation Centre Location and Contact Number

(2) Blood Stock Level

Please point us directly to the URL that has info, not just to the home page. *Please do not point us to blood trading businesses or blood trafficking organizations.