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Arkansas Red Alert

Did you know that approximately 36,000 units of blood and 7,000 units of platelets are needed every single day to save lives in the US? In fact, every two seconds someone in this country needs blood. While an estimated 38% of the US population is eligible to donate, less than 10% actually do so. The American Red Cross collects about 40% of the nation’s blood supply, and since blood cannot be manufactured, hospitals and patients rely on generous donors to give blood. (American Red Cross)

Donating blood (or platelets) if you are eligible is a rewarding and safe way to save lives.

But donating blood isn’t the only way to get involved with the work of the Red Cross. Donating your time as a Red Cross volunteer is also an option for becoming a part of this life-saving mission which helps 4.5 million Americans in need of a…

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Donating Blood – Giving of Yourself

Oklahoma Red Alert

By Y. Hope Osborn, Volunteer Contributor, American Red Cross

The jangle of an old-fashioned telephone prompts me to answer my cell phone. Glancing at the glowing display, I see it is Karen. Karen pleasantly greets me. She asks to schedule a time for me to donate platelets. I am well and rested, so I make an appointment.

Apheresis Recruiters, like Karen, call a great number of people every day, asking them to give a little of themselves by donating platelets through a special process. The special process, called apheresis, allows you to safely give blood components in large amounts.

Platelets are one of four parts that make up blood. Red cells, white cells, and plasma are the other three parts. Platelets keep us from bleeding excessively, clotting at the site of wounds. Eradicating cancer in patients also eradicates platelets, so part of treating someone for cancer includes replenishing their platelets…

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Blood cancer awareness month | Blood & stem cell donation 

Always Believe In A Miracle

Hey loves, hope your all well!

So, following on from my first post about blood cancer awareness month, here is my second one. This one is all about blood and stem cell donation.Donating blood, platelets or stem cells can literally save someone’s life, I know if someone hadn’t donated their blood I wouldn’t be here today.

Blood Donation

Through experience I know the importance of needing blood and platelet transfusions which without I wouldn’t have survivedand I can’t thank donor’s enough, It’s an amazing thing to do.I never knew my blood type until I started treatment, I’m actually in the 8% of the donor population who are O-, which is apparently a very special group as it can be given to anyone but because I’ve had a blood cancer I will never be able to give blood which is so upsetting as I’d love to give something back, the only…

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Red Cross critically needs donors after winter weather adds to severe blood shortage – American Red Cross

Following several rounds of severe winter weather in many parts of the country, the American Red Cross urges eligible blood and platelet donors to help restock its shelves to overcome a shortage. Since Dec. 1, about 300 blood drives across 27 states have been forced to cancel due to inclement winter weather, resulting in more than 10,500 blood and platelet donations going uncollected. (Source: American Red Cross)

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