American Red Cross reports blood shortage, looking for donors: WKBN27


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Red Cross calls for blood donors to get cancer patients through Christmas -(Australia)


South Australians have been urged to put donating blood on their Christmas to-do lists, to ensure there is enough for those patients undergoing life-saving cancer treatment over the holidays. The Red Cross Blood Service said it needed hundreds of people to fill vacant appointments to avert a shortage caused by regular donors either being away on holidays or busy with festivities. (Source: ABC News)


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Cancer patients at risk of blood shortage – SBS (Australia)

Cancer patients are at the greatest risk of a “worrying drop” in blood donor numbers over the festive season as millions of Australians use their spare time for Christmas shopping. Nearly 5,000 blood donations are needed between Christmas and New Year in order to prevent a shortage of blood products vital to treating cancer patients, says the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. (Source: SBS)

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