Myanmar National Blood Center Launches Mobile App for Blood Donors

Dr. Thida Aung of the National Blood Bank introduced an Android Application for blood donation and the Ma Lin War War Zaw of the application design group explained about the application.

Afterwards, the Union Minister, the region minister and heads of departments presented document of honors to those who assisted in the creation of the application.

Source: Ministry of Information, Myanmar




Don’t wait until World Blood Donor Day (or wait till next month) to donate your blood

If you wait until World Blood Donor Day to donate your blood, blood stock will shortfall against demand before the World Blood Donor Day because many others are doing so.

Donated blood expires after a month or so (depending on which country you are in).

If you donate on World Blood Donor Day, it is higher chance your blood expires before given to anyone because many others are donating blood on the same day.

Just make an online booking on World Blood Donor Day and consider you participated in it.  That should be the new tradition of digital era.

Find out which country has on-line booking system HERE.

Let’s hear what WHO says about it HERE!

Voluntary unpaid blood donations must increase rapidly to meet 2020 goal -WHO

WHO encourages all countries to establish blood services based on full voluntary non-remunerated blood donations. Today, only 62 countries get close to 100% of their national blood supplies from voluntary unpaid blood donations, with 34 countries still dependent on family donors and even paid donors for more than 75% of their blood supply. (Source: WHO)

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The Growing Global Blood Shortage – BORGEN Magazine

According to the WHO, the safest blood donations come from volunteers who have no monetary incentive to make a donation. Sri Lanka is the epitome of this finding with 100 percent of its 380,000 units of blood coming from voluntary, unpaid donors. These donations have proven to be safe and have contributed to economic development across the country. (Source: Borgen Magazine)

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