Ageing Population Quickly Elevating Blood Demand – Singapore

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) data revealed that 111,633 units of blood were used last year, compared to 95,100 in 2011 ̶ an increase of 17%. However, the volume of blood collected is not enough to meet the demand. It has slowed down by about 10% from 104,895 units in 2011 to 115,976 units last year.

Source: MIMS Today



Demand for blood donation jumped by 17% in the last five years in Singapore

According to the latest figures from the Health Science Authority (HSA), demand for blood has increased 17%, or 111,633 units of blood, in the five years between 2016 and 2011. The amount of blood collected however only increased 10%, 115,976 units, in the same period – similar to the population growth where the population in 2011 then was 5.18 million, and jumped 10% to 5.7 million population today.

Source: ST Review