Canadian Blood Service Urging Donors for More Blood

All eligible blood donors are, especially those with Type O blood, are encouraged to donate as soon as possible.

Source: Daily Hive

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Donating Blood – Giving of Yourself

Oklahoma Red Alert

By Y. Hope Osborn, Volunteer Contributor, American Red Cross

The jangle of an old-fashioned telephone prompts me to answer my cell phone. Glancing at the glowing display, I see it is Karen. Karen pleasantly greets me. She asks to schedule a time for me to donate platelets. I am well and rested, so I make an appointment.

Apheresis Recruiters, like Karen, call a great number of people every day, asking them to give a little of themselves by donating platelets through a special process. The special process, called apheresis, allows you to safely give blood components in large amounts.

Platelets are one of four parts that make up blood. Red cells, white cells, and plasma are the other three parts. Platelets keep us from bleeding excessively, clotting at the site of wounds. Eradicating cancer in patients also eradicates platelets, so part of treating someone for cancer includes replenishing their platelets…

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