India Short of 2Mil Blood Donations in 2016-2017

Government figures for 2016-17 show they were running a shortage of up to 2 million units, and more than a million units are discarded every year because the blood does not meet quality parameters or deteriorates during storage.

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation



Blood Black Market in India

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Inside India’s Blood Black Market

NACO said in a recent report that the “complex structure” of the system monitoring blood banks is a major problem: Currently, they are monitored by the state food and drug control bodies, while the license is issued by the Drug Controller General of India and the guidelines are set by the National Blood Transfusion Council. (Source: IndiaSpend)

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Gurdaspur blood bank gasps for life – The Tribune (India)

Employees of the Gurdaspur Civil Hospital blood bank have been ringing up college principals and members of NGOs to ensure that a continuous supply of blood is maintained. It is mandatory to maintain a level of 350 units daily in the bank. However, with not many volunteers coming forward, this level has dropped considerably to 195 units. (Source: The Tribune)

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