China’s blood trade run by former hospital caretaker

a former hospital caretaker surnamed Zhou quit his job to run an underground blood business, charging patients 1,500 RMB for 400cc (two units, the maximum recommended donation). Zhou then recruited migrant and unemployed workers to pose as family and friends, paying them less than a third of the proceeds.

Source: The World of Chinese


Latest Turf War for Chinese Mafia: Blood Donations – EPOCH TIMES

The scheme works like this: The gangs advertise payments for blood donations online. They shepherd willing members of the public through the process, providing the patient’s personal information for the certificate, and pose as friends or family as they go to the hospital. They receive their payoff, and the gang then sells the certificate to the patient in need of the transfusion. The business is so lucrative that these gangs have cropped up, each controlling their own piece of turf, typically around the donations and blood certificates in one hospital or area. (Source: EPOCH TIMES)

CHINA.ORG.CN: Illegal blood trade: a lucrative business in China

Blood traders pay the seller 400 yuan (US$61) for two units of platelets, but charge the buyer 1,200 yuan (US$185). In a single day, they can make more than 20 transactions like this. “Little brothers” can earn between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan (US$15,422-30,845) each year, and their bosses can make more than one million yuan (US$154,298), Xiaosu said.