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To Search Engine Providers

Many of you have made your search result top space available for Stock Price, Foreign Currency Exchange Rate, Airplane Status, Weather, etc.

Many of you have user location based search result delivery technologies.

Please consider to develop the location based notification system for blood donation emergency calls from local WHO authorized blood collection centers and make it available for your search result pages and maps as your next CSR project.

It will make a huge contribution to the world and save many lives. Improving blood shortage also means saving children from blood trafficking activities.

If you can achieve 100% voluntary non-remunerated blood donation with WHO,  there will be no trade value for blood and illegal blood harvesting will come to the end.

To Journalists

When you report blood shortage, please ALWAYS indicate hotline number or website of blood donation centres in order to maximize your contribution. Make sure you are NOT helping blood trading business or blood trafficking activities.