Blood cancer awareness month | Blood & stem cell donation 

Always Believe In A Miracle

Hey loves, hope your all well!

So, following on from my first post about blood cancer awareness month, here is my second one. This one is all about blood and stem cell donation.Donating blood, platelets or stem cells can literally save someone’s life, I know if someone hadn’t donated their blood I wouldn’t be here today.

Blood Donation

Through experience I know the importance of needing blood and platelet transfusions which without I wouldn’t have survivedand I can’t thank donor’s enough, It’s an amazing thing to do.I never knew my blood type until I started treatment, I’m actually in the 8% of the donor population who are O-, which is apparently a very special group as it can be given to anyone but because I’ve had a blood cancer I will never be able to give blood which is so upsetting as I’d love to give something back, the only…

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